Hey, I'm Michelle. And I'm obsessed with color.

Some call me a color psychology expert, others a color queen. But all that matters is that color is the most underrated tool in our lives that we know incredibly little about...I'm here to change that.

Why I'm Your Color Guru...

Starting in  film+ television -

My earliest memories are growing up on film sets like Face:Off, Mission Impossible II + Windtalkers. After getting my Bachelor's Degree in Film/Television, I worked in tv for over a decade on shows like Melrose Place, Chuck  + Pretty Little Liars.

Color in film/television is crucial...it sets the tone to emotionally move an audience through a scene. The same applies to any brand that has an online presence. This is where the RGB color model has to be understood.

Confidence in color psychology onscreen + what colors mean to an audience is a must.

- Then looking to  nature

I got extremely sick in my early 20s. A childhood of illnesses led to multiple organ failure from overuse of steroids + antibiotics.

My answer for healing was in nature. Studying light, which spectrums certain plants absorbed that healed the body. It helped me heal.

Understanding how color literally can hurt or heal the body is vital in color communication. And that comes from a deep study of the visible light spectrum.

Understanding  design -

It wasn't enough to understand color in film + nature. I had to go deeper into design.

Getting a degree in Interior Design - I wanted to study color in the RYB color model to truly grasp color combinations, aesthetics + bringing color into one's living space.

Bringing color into your home, office or wardrobe is a huge step - it takes intentionality + an understanding of color psychology in behavior.

- And finally entrepreneurship

Slowly but surely, I started injecting what I'd learned about color with clients + students.

It was working wonders...people started seeing massive growth + sales!

And more + more places wanted to hear about my method - including TEDx.

It's cumulated with this brand, The Color Cure™ + writing the book of my soul, Color Secrets.

Color is the  only language that we speak worldwide


Stay Color-Connected.

Cut the white noise + seize this golden opportunity to get true blue color tips that will keep you in the black. We'll roll out the red carpet for you until you move on to greener pastures. šŸ˜‰

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