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Inside of COLOR BRAND you'll learn:



Learn what no one taught you in school {but what every major global company depends on} - color psychology.

We'll break down:

  • How it is the next evolutionary step in branding
  • Why the coaches that taught you never mentioned it
  • How to inject it in to your current branding strategies



Also known as "why your posts + ads fail", this will prove to you:

  • The missing piece in your marketing that's cost you $$
  • Simple tweaks that will make your ideal client think "YOU'RE MY PERSON" in just a few seconds
  • How you can intentionally boost your value delivery just by using color in communication 



Since we know that certain colors can trigger specific buying behaviors at this point in the program, I'll show you:

  • The formula to choosing the perfect primary + secondary color for your brand
  • How to weave color psychology into your visual marketing to increase conversions
  • What to do to avoid "brand burnout" from you + your customer
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"People aren't buying."

"I have no clear's just what I've thrown together."

"Something feels off about my business."

"I've wasted thousands on designers...and nothing happened."

"I'm submitting daily, but not getting anywhere with publicity for my business."



  • Have an extremely, annoyingly deep understanding of color psychology + how to utilize it in your brand
  • Know exactly what brand colors to choose + how to position your business online among competitors
  • Be able to instantly tweak your visual marketing based on clear color communication

A Note From Me...

It's important to me that you don't jump into this program on blind faith. I want to prove to you that this will either be exactly what you need...or not!

When I first launched my brand, I blamed myself for it's immediate failure. It took guts, research + a too-stubborn-to-quit attitude to discover the secret no "expert" I was following ever talked about.

Color psychology.

And it made all the difference for me + how I communicated online.

  • Colors alone can influence up to 90% of an initial impression
  • People perceive colors differently depending on their gender + culture - you can't market across the globe in the same way!
  • Color influences 85% of shoppers’ purchase decisions
  • Colors increase brand awareness by 80%
  • Colors affect people’s behavior, mood, + stress levels
  • 93% of shoppers focus on visual appearance alone when they consider a purchase

So if you're tired of throwing money at designers, ads + cookie-cutter strategies, you'll love this course. This is different. It's not a "method".

It's an invitation to learn a secret language for yourself that you'll carry with you for the rest of your career.

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  • Not being a victim to the results of your business - actually understanding how to change them!
  • Knowing how to support each message you put out there with a color {this recently got one of my posts shared 150+ times on FB!}
  • Knowing your ideal client will know intuitively to buy from you based on color choice alone



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What's Included


#1- A big picture analysis of how well you really know yourself + your ideal client


9 times out of 10, students have to go back to their audience because they haven't asked these questions...ever.


#2- Intentional education on understanding the marketing language of color


I guarantee you'll start paying attention to commercials more than'll see how we're being manipulated constantly!


#3- Step-by-step guides to help you build your brand the right way


Confusion is not the currency we deal in. Our teaching style is clear, concise + detailed. We want you to be successful. So we will give you the exact steps to get there.

The Result? 

A custom plan for amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.  ipsum dolor sit amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.

With the confidence and tools to amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.  ipsum dolor sit amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • You're ready to stop spinning your wheels + trying techniques that fail
  • You want to take action with a step-by-step guide
  • You're overwhelmed by doing this on your own + wish you had someone to support you
  • You know there's something missing + think color psychology made be the key
  • You're willing to make some major changes - even if they are inconvenient

Not for you if:

  • You're too attached to your brand colors to make any changes
  • You're more interested in copying other brands than doing the investigative work
  • You aren't willing to learn + grow your mind
  • You can't invest in yourself + your success
  • You aren't ready to take the necessary steps to move your business to the next level
  • You have a personality that likes to complain, blame + shame
I'm Ready

Let's take a look at what's inside

Module 1: Personal Color Profile Framework

Understanding your color identity so you're clear on your business structure + client-attracting personality

Module 2: Ideal Client Color Assessment

Combine your ideal client's emotions with color to create an auto-attraction mechanism in your marketing

Module 3: Color Psychology Primary Meanings Breakdown

Deeply understand the historical, cultural, design, film + emotional meanings behind each primary color so you'll feel empowered in your color choice

Module 4: Final Color Decision Formulas

Choosing a color won't be a block for you - I'll give you intensive questions to help you decide {mathematically} what your primary + secondary brand color should be

Module 5: Brand Photo Breakdown

I'll help you create a stunning brand photoshoot {even with your phone} so people can connect easily with you + be more prone to purchase

Module 6: Color Palette Template Builder

Get the importable Canva template to building out your new color brand. Including your colors, photography, fonts, symbols, patterns + more!

Module 7: Website Color Formula Framework

Walk through our tutorial step by step - we'll give you the exact percentages to add color into your website so it's easy, flawless + visually converting.

Module 8: Visual Marketing Launch Templates

I'll give you some great content ideas, walk you through planning your launch on your calendar + even give some templates for social!

Wait, what's included again?


Program Curriculum Area with All 8 Modules

After purchase, you'll get immediate access to the program that you can access from desktop, laptop or even phone! That way, you can dive in right away + get started.


Exclusive Community Access for Cheerleading + Support

I'll invite you to our off-fb private community where you can keep us updated on your progress, get votes on what you're building + celebrate your wins!


Templates, Workbooks + Success Guides

Let's support your growth with the tools to get there!

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Here's What Others Are Saying...


Something always felt misaligned + I switched my brand colors multiple times. Michelle’s strategic + thorough approach for selecting brand colors that suit YOU as well as your ideal clients has given my the clarity I needed to move forward. Since I chose my new colors I finally feel confident about my brand + my sales reflect that!


After years of switching colors, I finally feel like I have the color that best represents me, my business + will call in my ideal client! Even as a branding professional myself, I have never seen anyone present color psychology in such a consumable way.

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The Ultimate Program to Skyrocket your Brand Based On Scientifically-Backed Methods

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One time payment

  • Personal Color Profile Framework
  • Ideal Client Color Assessment
  • Color Psychology Primary Meanings Breakdown
  • Final Color Decision Formulas
  • Brand Photo Breakdown
  • Color Palette Template Builder
  • Website Color Formula Framework
  • Color Marketing Launch Templates w/Demo
  • $100 discount



3 Mth Payment Plan

  • Personal Color Profile Framework
  • Ideal Client Color Assessment
  • Color Psychology Primary Meanings Breakdown
  • Final Color Decision Formulas
  • Brand Photo Breakdown
  • Color Palette Template Builder
  • Website Color Formula Framework
  • Color Marketing Launch Templates w/Demo
  • $100 discount 




Yes! A Proof-In-The-Pudding Guarantee

If you have worked through the entire program {with the completed workbooks to prove it} + have not achieved the results of:

  • A stronger visual brand
  • Increased customer trust
  • Increased sales/conversions

Reach out to our team. We will schedule a complimentary strategy call with you to make sure you are fully supported + happy with your purchase. **This request must be made within 30 days of purchase