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Color is the  only language that is universal


My passion is helping business owners + companies bring this language to their brands... they can communicate more clearly with their customer + attract the right client.

The Goal Is To: 

  • Understand the huge difference between color psychology methods + general branding/marketing.
  • Implement full marketing integrity using visual color cues to attract the right client, not force them to sale.
  • Achieve tonal color harmony throughout website, social media channels + advertising campaigns
  • Increase brand recognition through color repetition {proven to shorten the time between initial view, remembrance + purchase}

Brand Kit


Want the personal touch of a Color Psychologist in your branding, but working on a set budget?

Take advantage of Michelle's color knowledge and brand experience by purchasing one of her premium branding kits.

You will receive a:

  • Color Psychology Breakdown Guide of the brand style
  • A Brand Asset Stack
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Home Page Style Guide

You will be able to import your brand kit assets into Canva to customize your graphics + easily edit your templates!



This includes everything in the ColorMind package PLUS a monthly 1 on 1 call with Michelle.

In addition to daily access, you will jump on a monthly call to:

  • Go deeper into the psychology of your branding/color/marketing choices
  • Get personalized feedback on materials
  • Get granular on your customer experience + make tweaks to increase engagement + conversions using color psychology
  • Take Michelle through a process to get detailed responses + see what to tweak
  • Record the call + grab her exact language to inject into your designs!

You can reach out to Michelle anytime + receive answers via Voxer M-F 9am-5pm pt.

Calls will be booked 30 days in advance via her calendar.

Investment: $1,000 monthly

I Need a color mentor!

Teach Your Team

This is a single 120 minute session designed for a team {maximum 10 members} that is newer to the idea of color psychology in brand creation, visual design + marketing strategy. Our goal is to introduce them to the key concepts + differentiations from standard design, while also giving them tactical steps of implementation where most needed for your business.

Where I've seen this applied:

  • To support a sales team by adjusting their marketing efforts to being psychology-based
  • To help a team building new projects + offers by choosing lead primary colors based on their meaning to the ideal customer
  • An overall intensive on color psychology + what tonal color harmony is in web design, social media + marketing campaigns

This link will take you to our standard checkout form. If you have custom needs, or your team is larger than 10, please email us so we can adapt this quote to your team.

$1,900 for up to 10 members

my team is ready

Join Your Company

If you want a consistent color psychology perspective in your company - to be present at team meetings + give input from a visual perspective - this will be your jam.

This consists of a preparatory call where Michelle can hear more details about your company, team + exactly what's needed.

Then, you will receive a bid of an ongoing rate. If agreed upon, Michelle will start work immediately, becoming available via team communication channel + at a weekly call to give input, strategy + color psychology-based feedback.

McDonalds was the first company to invest 1 billion into their advertising because their color marketing was so clear...and became insanely profitable to become the #1 restaurant brand worldwide.

Knowing how much of a buying decision is color-based, adding me to your team could push your company to its next desired step.

There are only a few spots available for this each year, so please fill out the form below if you have serious interest. 


Custom Client


Need something more custom for your business?

Great idea! Michelle can help you as we bring you into our inner circle of one one one clients.

She has helped clients:

  • Complete rebuild brands from the ground up with color psychology-based color schemes
  • Fully re-design websites for client connection/conversions
  • Design custom office spaces that reflect the brand aesthetic of the business

Whether you need a full branding re-design, your office space to match your branding or a complete website build, we can help!

As this option is custom work, please contact us with details about how you think Michelle can help you + we will respond within 24 hours.

We are excited to hear from you!


Hey, I'm Michelle!

I help brands skyrocket their client connection + sales conversions using color psychology.

Whether online or brick and mortar, I've seen color injections revolutionize every business you can imagine.

From doulas to eyelash businesses, to investment firms and online coaches, color is truly the cure for any business blues.

See Michelle's press page.

Feedback of Working with Michelle:

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Ready to Connect More with Color?

Dig deeper by discovering more pieces to the puzzle of color I've custom made for you:

Caught Red-Handed

My blog is a deep-dive into my color brain + what I'm exploring lately. From pink WW2 airplanes to colorblind-safe web design to dressing by color season, you'll see behind the scenes of being color-passionate. {while learning a little something along the way!}

Dive into the blog

I've Got A Green Thumb...

Ready to inject color into your brand + life? Skyrocket your sales with color psychology, reinvent your wardrobe or subscribe to the only color magazine around! Head over to my course library to get started.

Learn more with our courses

This is a Gray Area...

Most of our closets look like a vampire's den. Join my Color Closet Challenge to learn your color personality + build a signature outfit that uses color to communicate with those around you! {while feeling amazing, confident + stunning}

Join the color closet challenge

Tickled Pink!

I believe in feeling at home with color. If you're looking for something specific, you'll probably find it here! Explore color at home + at work with options laid out for you.

Explore the website

Stay Color-Connected.

Cut the white noise + seize this golden opportunity to get true blue color tips that will keep you in the black. We'll roll out the red carpet for you until you move on to greener pastures. 😉


Looking for more resources?

Start by joining the FB Community using the button below!

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Looking for more resources?

Start by joining the FB Community using the button below!

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One On One

This is a single sixty minute consultation meant for a solopreneur or small business owner who wants an intensive look at their brand, wardrobe or advertising campaign.

Where I've seen this applied:

  • Review of tonal color harmony + color choices with brand palette
  • Overall website color cohesion review
  • Social media color integration review
  • Course/membership visual review
  • Wardrobe review for client work via Zoom

You will receive a questionnaire after payment along with an opportunity to book a time at your convenience.


This is what I need

Color Marketing Done With You

This is a two-part call {total 120 minutes} where I will be by your side helping you build out your color message. We will look at how to have your words reflect your colors, but also make sure your colors reflect your words!

Where I've seen this applied:

  • Website Copy
  • Email Copy
  • Social Media Copy
  • Ad Copy
  • Brand Videos
  • Sales Call Scripts

You will receive a questionnaire after payment along with an opportunity to book a time at your convenience.


i want this

Color Marketing Done For You

If you need to stay in your zone of genius + outsource your color marketing - this is the best option for you! I will personally review your desired media + write custom campaigns that are reflective of your ideal client's needs + greatest attractor. 

Where I've seen this applied:

  • Website Copy
  • Email Copy
  • Social Media Copy
  • Ad Copy
  • Brand Videos
  • Sales Call Scripts

After payment, you will receive some onboarding materials along with an opportunity to book an initial consult call at your convenience.


let's do it