Color Means  everything.

It can impact our homes, bodies, businesses...even our feelings.

We've created the first + ONLY magazine focused entirely on it.

What in the   color do we talk about?

Pretty much any way you could ever think about it in life + business...


We find so many stunning colors in the plant kingdom - we want to know why + what it does for our bodies.

art/art history

Most of color's history lies in our art expression over centuries. We want to understand more...


Cooking by color is an entirely new experience for us - we need inspiration + ideas!


Exploring color through makeup seems like a no-brainer...but we need guidance to avoid disaster.


No one ever told me I had a color season. I want to know what suits me best so I can feel the most confident!

interior design

Our space is crucial to how we feel - and we want it to support our home life, work life + lift us up every day.


Finding the perfect brand color for my side hustle based on what it makes my customer feel? Sign me up.


They say God laughs through flowers. Cheerful to any space + an expression of love, they bring joy + comfort.

social media

What colors grab attention? Make people connect with me? Even bring on new ideas? I want to know!


Color leads to sales. exactly? I want to know what to use, how to use it + what will connect most with my customer.


Exploring the world by color? Yes please! Kind of the perfect thing I never knew I was looking for...

Web Design

Using colors for a business online is...well...mandatory. But the guidance of exactly how to do it? A mystery.

See Inside


Enjoy our fall issue highlighting the changing colors + how to transition easily

into a comfortable, relaxing, beautiful season.

Michelle Lewis

Editor In Chief...

Hey, I'm Michelle! EIC of the magazine + founder of the Color Cure™.

I founded this movement because I think color has been ignored for too long.

Color is the ONLY universal language we respond to worldwide + across time.

This magazine exists to teach you the language + show you how to inject it into your life + business easily.

Color is FUN. It wakes us up - mind, body + soul. It helps us communicate. And, most importantly, it moves us into our future.

Meet Our Contributors!

Vanessa Shepherd


Vanessa Shepherd is an award-winning marketer and business strategist. She helps women business owners get clear on how to market themselves in a way that’s simple and sustainable.

Shawn Thomas


Shawn Patrick Thomas is a creative artist and pastor who uses the arts as a vehicle to promote connection and healing between people. He has degrees in Music, Art and Theology, and serves at local churches in Southern California.

Amber Rose


Amber Rose West is a confidence coach and communication expert who helps people develop high-vibe self-talk that translates to a powerful, confident speaking voice. She is the host of the Women of Color and Confidence podcast.

Page Neilson


Page is a licensed Esthetician, Organic Cosmetic Formulator, and Certified Perfumer. Founder of Moss + Stone Skincare she helps people with immune disorders and gluten intolerance navigate skincare with clean and natural ingredients.

Amber Tobias Harris


Amber Tobias-Harris is a Life and Sexuality coach who helps both men and women uncover and communicate pleasure to enhance their life through one on one coaching. Amber is also a published author and public speaker on spicy content.

Sabrina Nasser


Sabrina Nasser is a self-taught MUA who helps people of all skill levels better understand what makeup is capable of through her online content. Her work has been reshared on Glamnetic’s social accounts and featured on

Justin Morris


Justin Morris is the creator of The Color Alignment Protocol, an energy alignment modality which utilizes the energetic power of color. He has used color to create physical spaces of healing in his career as a professional interior designer in spaces like  resorts + temples for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Charise Brunner


Charise Brunner is a FEM Feminine Embodiment Mentor who helps ladies flourish in life and business through Feminine Leadership Success principles such as mastery of sovereignty, emotional intelligence, archetypes, and growing profitable skill sets.

Kristi Kieffer


Kristi is a Brand Strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs, coaches, and influencers leverage the internet to gain visibility and maximize sales. Kristi is a published artist whose artworks have been featured in books, magazines, and websites.

Debbie Alane


Debbie Alane is a seasoned graphic artist in print/environmental design. Currently, Debbie is providing guidance for creative entrepreneurs through REINVENTION experiments, processes, and systems that help with anticipating change, and building future fit businesses.

Jamie Rowley


Jamie is a travel strategist who helps busy families create the ideal vacation experience. Jamie is the founder of Wander Way Travel, a boutique travel company specializing in custom travel itineraries to the US, Europe, and Caribbean. While traveling herself, Jamie enjoys inspiring others through her travel photography. 

Tawney Anderson


Tawney Anderson is a Master Herbalist. Her focus is on growing medicinal plants and how they can help the body. She is passionate about wildcrafting as well as growing her own herbs. She is author of the children's book series "Jenny Adventures."

Michelle De Beer


Michelle de Beer is a behaviour consultant with autistic children in North America & Europe. Michelle is passionate about helping autistic children and parents while impacting positive and real change in homes and schools. 

Gunner Mattheson


Gunner Mattheson is a personal stylist who helps female entrepreneurs gain confidence in their unique personal style through her program, Clothed in Confidence. When she isn't elevating women's confidence, she is volunteering at her local shelter, traveling or on the hunt for new metalcore bands.

Iren Harutyunyan


Iren is a social media guru who helps passionate entrepreneurs and brands reach their ideal customers through social media (and digital) marketing. Iren owns Slayr Social, an SMM agency that prides itself in content creation, curation, strategy, branding and web design. 

Julie Richard


Julie Richard is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and creator of the Ten Second Meal Plan. Founder of The Health Concierge she helps people navigate the overwhelm by making healthy eating and lifestyle habits part of their daily routine. 

Lizzy Jackson


Lizzy Jackson is a Holistic Interior Designer who helps busy families create intentional + beautiful spaces so that they can stress less and enjoy more. She combines her love for wellness with design through a unique approach that considers the clients emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing throughout the design process. 

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