Color has  power

But we've never been taught its secrets...


What if there was a way to understand color psychology {in a few hours} so you could:

▶ intentionally choose your clothing each morning

▶ know what to put in your environment to boost your energy + health

▶ brand your business where customers are attracted subconsciously

▶ even choose the right collar color for a happy dog

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Color is the  only language that we speak worldwide

But most of us only learned color in kindergarten when playing or painting.

There is SO much more.

What you will learn: 

  • The power color holds over human behavior + science
  • Color's importance in film + television - even advertising!
  • How color has been discovered + morphed throughout history
  • Whether or not color has influenced who you've voted for in an election
  • What color personality you are + how you can support your natural strengths
  • How different cultures use color as their expression, honor, religion or even grieving process

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This book is  exactly right  for you if...

  • You're feeling overwhelmed + can't quiet your brain. The past 2 years have put a lot of us into trauma response + recovering hasn't been easy. Believe it or not - color is revolutionary in its ability to influence moods + bring healing to the body.
  • You want to support your home + work space with more intentionality. There's no need to hire a designer. Choose decorations with best benefit based on all of the true data about the key colors that impact mood, communication + connection.
  • Craving a deeper understanding of color,  you're ready to boost your knowledge. This book will give you plenty to chew on + practical advise you can implement right away into your life.
  • You're sick of marketing manipulation. I'll show you how to recognize it + what to do about it.
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Hey, I'm Michelle!

I help amazing humans {like you!} discover the secrets of color so they can live more intentionally, find more joy + empower their intentions by what colors they put into their environment. 

You may run a business, teach at your local school or raise the next generation...I've seen color impact every person imaginable. 

And I've seen these strategies take people from frustrated, lost + even unwell to more focused, energetic + happy.

Color truly is the cure for everyone.

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