Meet Michelle, founder of The Color Cure

I’m Michelle Lewis, founder of The Color Cure and author of Color Secrets. I’m a Color Psychology Expert who helps people discover the world of color, see how it can support their intentions + start strategically implementing it in their daily lifestyle.

I’ve talked about color on TEDx, EOFire, BossCon and Podfest…so many stages, podcasts + publications because of one thing - people want to know more about it!

I believe color was put on this earth for a reason…and that we’ve been taught how NOT to use it. In fact, we’re taught to wear blacks, greys and whites…to paint our homes and streets grey. To not take color seriously and to consider it childish.

And it’s such a lie.

  • I’ll show you why you love certain interior designers on HGTV.
  • Or why that vacation to Spain left an unquenchable desire to return.
  • What color you should wear to your family reunion.
  • Why your brand color is repelling customers.
  • I can even help you realize that you painted your bedroom the worst color imaginable.

I’ve seen people sell out their programs by tweaking a brand color. Or eliminate family fights by changing a wall color. I’ve watched people get jobs after months of interviews by changing up their power outfit. Or see their dog completely shift its personality because of a collar color change.

My favorite thing in the world to hear is that I’ve helped someone fall in love with color and watch them shine.


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Interview Topics

Color Marketing:

How Color Psychology will attract your ideal clients to you subconsciously.

Identifying Your Color Style:

What type you are + how you can use that style in your wardrobe, home + relationships.

Why We Were Never Taught Color:

Our society never taught us this second language - one that is key to communication!

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Michelle fully supports + donates to One Tree Planted + The Ocean Cleanup, organizations dedicated to restoring our beautiful earth to what it was always meant to be.