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Discover the little-known secrets Big Brands use to subconsciously convert strangers into customers 10x as quickly...

And how you can do the same!


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“I literally just got chills. I had no idea. Everything you said about magenta is what I want people to perceive me as. I think EVERYONE should do a color training with you!” - Ellen Yin, Cubicle To CEO Podcast

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Let me show you how color psychology can change everything when it comes to attracting your ideal client by making simple changes to your brand + marketing strategy!

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The Color Marketing Class

This class is designed to be a supportive, intimate experience to truly revolutionize how you see marketing your business. I want you to feel committed, positive + excited to move your brand forward. If you feel the same way, then let's do this!

What you will learn: 

The exact formula I discovered to use color psychology in my business/brand marketing

How to utilize color in my communication with ideal clients to immediately turn them into raving fans who trust me

Why my formula increases customer conversions just by brand marketing + how you can use it to do the same

How to find color harmony in your brand, so it feels/looks right + does not cause cognitive dissonance in your ideal client

Why "hiring it out" is actually the worst thing you could ever do for your brand

The 5 key questions to ask before deciding on a primary color, so you know it's the perfect fit for you + your customer

"I've never understood the power of color, but now I know it could 10x my business by implementing it." - George Bryant, Mind Of George Podcast

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And Learn to Connect with your Customer, Attract them Subconsciously + Convert them Straight to Sale...


Meet Michelle

Founder of The Color Cure + our resident color psychology expert! She has helped hundreds of brands inject color psychology into their businesses - seeing skyrocketing website views, email open/click through rates + most importantly - SALES! Author of Color Secrets + featured in places like Huffington Post, Insider, Medium, Daily Mail, TEDx + Who's Who In America.




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