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“Before discovering my signature brand color with Michelle, I was all over the place with not only branding for my programs, but also social media. Michelle helped me get a clear vision + I ran with it! Now, I feel my message, purpose + brand are much more easily communicated. Sure, my Instagram + FB follower count has increased, but more importantly, my programs sell with so much ease + people now have to apply for 1 on 1 work due to demand!- Rachel Symington

Only 7% of Communication is Verbal

The rest is visual. 85% of people polled say COLOR was the #1 decision-maker in their purchase.

Can you really afford not to know the best color to attract your customer?

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The Brand Color Quiz

The only quiz that helps you discover your perfect primary color that will resonate with your ideal client + attract them subconsciously to your offer.

What You Will Learn: 

  • THE 8 KEY COMMUNICATION COLORS There are only 8 primary colors to choose from for a color that actually resonates with someone emotionally.
  • HOW TO ADJUST YOUR THINKING TO YOUR CLIENT'S Our brand is about them, not us!
  • YOUR KEY COMMUNICATION COLOR After answering the questions, I'll show you the color that will work best for your client



“Before uncovering my brand color with Michelle, I was stuck in a space where I was less-than-confident about my visual brand + what it communicated to my audience. I would re-brand almost every quarter - pivoting + pivoting to try to make it clearer. After finding my signature color, it's become its own beacon for my clients! Where I spent SO much time + energy trying to translate my message to my audience with my visuals, it's an effortless experience for me now.” - Tiffani Purdy

Everything Starts with Color

Let's get the first step started by finding the right primary color for your brand - the rest is easy!

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Why I'm Your Color Psychology  guru...

I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs - from solopreneurs to huge companies - use color to improve their customer connections for over 5 years.

Coming from a background in film + television, I've combined that degree with two more - in natural medicine + interior design - to study color in all of its applications.

Color is our only universal language.

My job is to funnel it down to one purpose - helping you attract + connect with your ideal client based on strategic color communication.