You have .05 seconds to get someone's attention with your brand...

That means visuals are key - you need to know what they mean + how to use them.


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Color Is Key!

In this masterclass, I'll show you exactly how to pivot your marketing message using color psychology.

That means - you'll know how to market directly to them where they feel a specific emotion when they see your social post, ad or website.

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The Color Marketing Class!

The one-of-a-kind masterclass designed to show you how to bring color psychology into your sales process.

What you will learn: 

WHAT Learn the 8 colors of color marketing {none are gray, black or white!}

BEHAVIOR How someone responds when they see a color 

EMOTION Each color creates an emotion response you need to know about

ACTION Did you know color can make someone react in a specific way?

BUSINESS Certain businesses should use a color - others shouldn't! I'll show you why

COMMUNICATION Color is visual, but it can also be put into your'll learn how to actually SPEAK color!

You won't hear this anywhere else. Because I invented it.

After years of struggling with conventional marketing methods, I went back to my passion - color.
But it wasn't enough to know broadly what certain colors meant in design or in film.
I had to study how it affected behavior, how it worked scientifically {depending on whether or not someone was in the room} + even how it changed people's bodies.
During this class, I will show you:
•The 8 colors of color communication + what they mean
•How to adjust your marketing to get your ideal client to FEEL something
•What needs to pivot in your site, marketing or dm strategy so that you can communicate clearly based on the emotions you want triggered by your message
Yes, you can know confidently how the use of color will impact someone. Even depending on where they live in the world.

Hey, I'm Michelle Lewis - color psychology expert + nerd of all things visual branding.

I help businesses align their visuals with their messaging through color analysis at The Color Cure®. We were taught that words matter - but we have to jump the hurdle of getting someone's attention first.

Nothing has made a greater impact on my business {and thousands of others} like color psychology.

I've studied it in film, interior design, marketing, behavior, science, healing + even music...creating a truly holistic approach to using color to communicate with an audience.