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“I didn't realize that magenta had such incredible meaning - it's exactly how I want to be perceived! I think everyone should do a color training with you!” - Ellen Yin

Only 7% of Communication is Verbal

The rest is visual. Up to 90% of snap judgements are made by color alone.

Can you imagine being able to influence that by what you wear?

You can literally help someone think a certain way when they see you!

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Signature Color Quiz

The only quiz that helps you discover your perfect primary color that will resonate, support + launch you into the next phase of your life.

What You Will Learn: 

  • THE 8 KEY COMMUNICATION COLORS There are only 8 primary colors to choose from for a color that actually resonates with someone emotionally.
  • YOUR SIGNATURE COLOR After answering the questions, I'll show you the color that will work best for you + reflect you the most!



“It's crazy. I knew color psychology was impactful - so I decided to be more intentional with what I wear during my sales calls. My close rate skyrocketed from 40% to over 70% just by that color choice alone!!” - Christine Luken

Everything Starts with Color

By discovering your signature color with my color psychology analysis, you'll know what to wear to not only attract attention, but support yourself emotionally + physically!

Color changes everything.

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Why I'm Your Color Psychology  guru...

I've helped hundreds of people  use color to improve their life + connections for over 5 years.

Coming from a background in film + television, I've combined that degree with two more - in natural medicine + interior design - to study color in all of its applications.

Color is our only universal language.

My job is to funnel it down to one purpose - helping you support yourself + your goals with color!